“Commit to the process and
you’ll like the results.”

Each and every golfer is a case study of one – so why put yourself into the bucket of the masses, someone’s model, or the method ‘du jour?’

Not in CS’ house… My offerings combine three decades of coaching insight, with tools and technology geared to produce an unparalleled learning experience that is both effective, and enjoyable. Through the use of science and evidence-based concepts and themes, I can help expedite your process to improvement in your golf swing, and overall game.

Top Instructor

Golf Digest, 2003-2022


Build relevant skills for you, as an individual.

A holistic path encompassing technique, mindset, physical preparation, enhanced mental acuity, the nurturing of instinct & intuition, and on-course play.n


Understand what and how to practice.

Consistent, clear and competent feedback and communication. Live dialogue and interaction. Authentic care and compassion in your journey to progress.


Develop an optimal practice regime for you.

Assistance in all aspects relevant to playing better golf. A comprehensive on-going loop for learning, regardless of your current level or where you live on the planet.

In-Person Coaching

Coaching Options

• Individuals
• Small groups & teams
• Half and full-day schools
• Educational seminars 
• Corporate outings
Preferred rates for members of Eugene Country Club and Questo Golf facilities.

Remote Coaching

Competitive players, total hackers, and all the rest...


Included in the program:

• Private training space with CoachNow app

• Unlimited swing technique video review

• Weekly touch points

• Bi-weekly ‘live’ call or Zoom

How It Works.

We connect – then I’ll email you an invitation with a link to join CoachNow.

Download the app and create a free account. 

Once you create an account, you’ll receive a personal space where all your lesson information, video reviews and data will be posted and saved. 

We get to work.

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