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3 Tenets for Better Student Learning

In this episode we’re talking about effective learning and what our guest, Christopher Smith has learned as a long time coach and Guinness World Record Holder in Speedgolf.

Rip It And Chip It

Full swings to short game—be a complete player

Make Golf Easier (By Practicing Harder) - Golf Digest - Feb. 2015

Can you name a sport where the practice isn’t more grueling than the competition?  

Primal Blueprint Podcast - Episode 74: Christoper Smith

Host Brad Kearns talks to cutting edge peak performance and athletic training expert Christopher Smith.  

Christopher Smith - World Record Speed Golfer Episode 03

In Episode #3 we spend some time with Christopher Smith World Record speed golfer, remarkable instructor and founder of 

Characters | Christopher Smith - Fall 2014 LINKS Magazine

Speed-golf champ Christopher Smith says playing 18 holes in under an hour is good for the game—and yours
By Jeff Neuman

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Chris is probably one of the more knowledgeable, well read golf instructors you’ll find out there and he’s got a very interesting story because he also happens to be the guy who holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest round of golf with the lowest score...

Want the secret to shooting lower scores? Play faster. Slow play doesn’t just make you want to kill the foursome in front of you. It also kills your game. Think you have to play slowly to play well? I recently shot 66 in 48 minutes, 30 seconds on the par 71, 6,500 yard Ghost Creek course at Pumpkin Ridge in Oregon with just six clubs.

Read the rest of Christopher’s “Breaking 100/90/80” Article in Golf Digest
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Smith carried six clubs in October 2005, when he shot the best round in the history of speed golf – a 5-under-par 65 in 44 minutes, 6 seconds at Chicago’s Jackson Park Golf Course.