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Christopher is a PGA Master Professional in Teaching and Coaching, and the Director of Instruction at Eugene Country Club in the US, and at Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club in Baja Sur, Mexico. He’s been a player and student of the game for nearly 50 years, and has instructed professionally since 1988 in a wide variety of environments, both domestically and abroad. Christopher’s list of students includes Tour players, professional athletes, elite juniors – and recreational hackers. His coaching blends tools, tech and vast experience, geared to create a learning experience that is enjoyable, insightful and performance-based.

Top Instructor

Golf Digest, 2003-2022


Guinness World Record Holder

Concierge Coaching

Full-time player support at your fingertips.

A boutique-style golf guidance program, much like what a Tour player is accustomed to.  A curriculum that will keep you accountable and take your game to the next level.


You are a case study of one–why not treat yourself as such?


Improvement stems from consistent, competent feedback and communication.

“Christopher Smith is a very good friend who also taught at JMGS for several years. He’s a lifetime learner. Christopher’s an excellent player and top teacher. I always love talking with CS about the game of golf, and more.”

Jim McLean

Coach, instructor, and writer who has taught Major Champions on the PGA, PGA Tour Champions and LPGA Tours, and owner of the JMGS.


Christopher’s signature Train2Trust™ programs break all the rules when it comes to how to practice effectively. Designed specifically to help you perform under pressure, and allow what it is your are learning to last and transfer to the golf course,

“Christopher is an expert in the ever-important science of learning, and is dedicated to translating science into innovative methods for teaching and learning golf.”

Dr. Christian Marquardt

Neuroscientist specializing in the fields of medicine, sports and motor behavior research and developer of the SAM (Science and Motion) PuttLab.


Ideas for your strolls and performance in the golf park and upon life’s daily sidewalks. Legit info and insight on how to improve and enjoy the process. No SM-infused pixie dust here – just digestible science, evidence and experienced-based offerings for your reading pleasure.


Speedgolf legend Christopher Smith has shot hundreds of rounds under par in under an hour in his over 25 years of Speedgolf. He set the still-standing Guinness World Record at the Chicago Speedgolf Classic in 2005, firing an amazing 65 in just 44 minutes, playing with only six clubs.

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