Dr. Debbie Crews Workshops

Dr. Debbie Crews, rock star scientist, mental game master, and expert yips researcher - and solution finder (and friend!) - will be at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club with me for the day on Thursday, March 30.

Dr. Crews is an Adjunct Faculty in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering and sport psychology consultant at Arizona State University where she has worked with the Men’s and Women’s golf teams since 1979.  She has conducted over 30 years of research on attention in sport, primarily golf, and is the Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf.  She was the founding Editor of the International Journal of Golf Science. Her research has been published in scientific journals and in popular golf magazines as well as being featured on Scientific America Frontier and NBC Dateline.  Debbie is a Class A LPGA instructor and serves on the LPGA Education and Research Advisory Board.  She was ranked in the Golf Digest Top 50 Women Golf Instructors and she won the Golf Digest Best Science in Golf Award in 2001. Currently she is the CEO and Founder of Opti International, a feedback company for performance optimization.

The Yips (Yes, I Play Successfully)
Ooh.  Ahh.  Yuck... Denial.  "Don't say that word.  I don't want to talk about it.  I don't want to look at that."  She's heard it all - now it's time for you to come hear one of the foremost experts in the world (Dr. Crews has been part of multiple studies on the yips at the Mayo Clinic) speak to the truth of what the yips are (did you know there are categories of yips?), how to identify them - and most importantly - how to deal with and play with (yep, that's right, play with) the yips.
When: Thursday, March 30 from 1-3 PM (refreshments available)
Where: Sunset Ballroom at Ghost Creek Golf Course at Pumpkin Ridge
Cost: $100 per person, $75 for juniors

Better Your Best (BYB) + Opti Intro
You want to be more consistent, you say?  I (and Dr. Crews) respectively disagree.  You want to be BETTER!  Better than your best, in fact.  In this gathering, Dr. Crews will share her three + decades of findings and her work as a mental game consultant for PGA Tour & LPGA Tour players, as well as to recreational players of all levels.  Mental toughness.  Mental integrity.  Mentally better.  So you can play better.
The last hour of this workshop will be dedicated to the phenomenal Opti System developed by Dr. Crews.  Built from "performance backwards" (not just what the science says it's 'supposed to do...') through 30 years of research, this technology helps players optimize performance through training the brain to find a state of balance, harmony and equanimity.  Synchrony in Dr. Crews' terms.  The state of flow we are all looking for ("the zone" is at the top of this ladder) - unique & individual to us all, like a fingerprint (sorry, no blueprints here...) - before stepping onto the golf course, or into a shot.
When: Thursday, March 30 from 4-7 PM (healthy snacks & bevs provided)
Where: Sunset Ballroom at Ghost Creek Golf Course at Pumpkin Ridge
Cost: $125 per person, $100 for juniors

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you'd like to partake, space is limited.

Brad Kearns & Christopher Smith:
Health and Wellness for Golf & Life Performance

October 8, 2016, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club
Cost is $125 per person - send me a note to secure a spot.

SUPER excited to welcome my pal and rock star in the realm of better living (yes, that means better golf as well, peeps) to my hood, Brad Kearns.  Brad and I will present a golf/health/peak performance 'retreat' to help fine tune your mind and body for greatness not only on the golf course - but in all areas and aspects of your life.  We'll blend hands on athletic & golf instruction with interactive discussions that address real-life challenges in pursuit of common goals, and how to overcome them. 

Brad will discuss diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits designed to deliver peak performance, improve health, and delay aging. He will show you some quick, fun, exercises to break up prolonged sedentary periods during your workday, and prevent injuries caused by imbalances or overuse.  Christopher will discuss optimizing practice habits to combat present-day time constraints, as well as scientific-based concepts on accessing flow during a round of golf.

Brad has been an author, speaker and coach in the health and fitness world for three decades. He is a former two-time national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete, with 30 wins worldwide over his nine-year career on the professional circuit. As President of Primal Blueprint Publishing, Brad writes and publishes books promoting the primal/paleo lifestyle.  Brad's philosophy is to cultivate a pure motivation for peak performance while balancing stress and rest in hectic modern life.

BodiTrak Sessions with Tim Mitchell, PGA

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club
Shoot me a note for details, pricing and scheduling

Come join Tim and myself for a two-hour session on the BodiTrak, a pressure mat system that gives you real-time data on how your body and feet interact with the ground, and insight on how to improve.  BodiTrak is the industry leader for ground force-sensing mats and associated educational insight.

"Can't Miss Putting Clinics" with Dr. Craig Farnsworth

Saturday, August 13, 2016
Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club

Come join Doc Farnsworth, author of "See It And Sink It" and "The Putting Prescription" and myself, for three different putting sessions designed to help your performance on the greens:

- 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM.  "Set-Up for Success." 
Alignment and getting the ball to start on line - consistently.

- 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM.  "Speed Control & The Mental Side of Performance."

- 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  AimPoint Express

Cost is $200 per session, or all three for $550.

Space is limited, so let me know ASAP if you'd like to join!

K-Vest 3D Motion Capture sessions with Tim Suzor, PGA

June 18 & 19, 2016
Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club
Cost: $400 for the 2.5 hour session
Space is extremely limited - shoot me a note at your earliest convenience to secure a space.

K- Vest is a complete "learning loop" designed for golf coaches, movement and fitness professionals, and medical professionals, empowering them to build athletic skills, abilities, and health.  It’s the industry's only human motion learning system. The all-in-one wireless system that instantaneously measures players’ power signatures
and 3D data. The system that assesses player characteristics and generates insightful reports. The system that automatically flows those reports into a powerful coaching and training program builder.

Tim Suzor Tim Suzor is the Founder and CEO of THINQ Sports, (, partner of K-Motion Interactive ( and Opti International ( Tim is a Class A PGA Golf Professional who is trained and certified across a wide spectrum of mental and physical disciplines. Tim graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and an emphasis on Professional Golf Management. After spending 14 years with the Marriott Corporation Tim decided to embark on his own venture in the sports technology sector. Tim has been with
K-VEST since inception as both a certification director and Director of Business development. In 2013 the vision for THINQ Sports started when realizing there was a void in the mental game space for training athletes.

"Athletes need objective tools to measure and improve performance and if I can be part of technology companies that deliver that experience than I have fulfilled my obligations as a performance coach, CEO and Advisory Board member "


So, what are these all about, you may ask?  It's about sharing a golf experience with a handful of peeps that have a similar mindset to your own.  It's about discovering courses, cultures and curiosities in an active, yet chill fashion.  It's about finding places so exceptional your smartphone either doesn't work, or it rapidly loses its appeal. Places where upon arrival, you take a wonderful, deep breath.  Then another.  Places that are feasts for the five senses you're aware of, and awaken the ones you didn't yet know existed.  Places where you can finally get back in touch with your mother;
Mother Nature, that is. 
 It's about the vibe.  The spirit.  The camaraderie - or solo time.  It's golf-centric, yet leaves you plenty of down time.  A dash of coaching, a pinch of expedition - a chance to escape...

Pauma Valley Country Club

Escape Dates: March 6-8, 2017

Pauma Valley is a private country club tucked away in the pristine foothills of Palomar Mountain, located just 50 miles northeast of San Diego.  This gathering will give you the opportunity to explore a luscious Robert Trent Jones, Sr. course that opened for play in 1960, for three days.  In addition, you'll have time to practice, chill, and share some moments with your fellow "escapees" - or wonder the property solo.  Disconnect & reconnect, in an authentic, blissful setting.

Included in your CS Escape:
- 3 rounds of golf
- 3 nights accommodation
3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner
- Optional Train2Trust practice session guided by CS,
or additional 18 holes in the afternoons.

Cost: $1,799 per person

Space available; send me a note to secure a spot, or for additional details.

The Majestic Basque Country

Escape Dates: September 30 - October 5, 2016. 

Located on the Atlantic Ocean just a few miles north of where France meets Spain, sits the Centre d'Illbarritz training and practice center.  This wondrous facility was my coaching home from 1990-1993. Picturesque to say the least, with views over the Bay of Biscay, and Spain to the south, the facility boasts a circular driving range flanked by short game areas and putting greens - all surrounded by a 9-hole course.  The kind of venue that calls to you, then asks you to stay for a while...


Dates coming soon for 2017 escape...