The games of golf and life: chaotic, varied and random propositions,
    brimming with the unexpected, oft-unfair and wondrous.
    The inevitability of everything.
    As your guide, I'm giving you permission to explore, evolve and learn from those games -
    and become the hero in your own personal dream.
    Golf on your terms - Wanna play?
    It's about getting away from the concrete, cubicles and four-wheeled coffins
    and that strange voice coming out of your smartphone.
    Getting back in touch with your mother.
    Mother Nature, that is.
    • It’s about becoming a better golfer – and human being - by getting in touch with your true self.
    • Learning self-compassion, empathy and belief while attaining harmony and balance in your life – all via the medium of golf.
    • It’s about playing and practicing in fun, meaningful ways, in veritable game-like situations.
    • Situations that present themselves on the golf course, and in your life.
    • Then discovering the tools and techniques to deal with them successfully.



Train2Trust sessions break all the rules when it comes to how to practice effectively. Boring, rote, non context-specific training is largely a waste of time – and of little use when it comes to dealing successfully with the challenges that arise during an actual round of golf. Designed specifically to help you use your precious time more efficiently, transfer what you are learning to the golf course, and perform under pressure - you know - when it counts, when there is consequence, when you care. The intimate, small group Train2Trust gatherings will put a smile on your face - and ice in your veins. An ‘average’ round of golf will never look the same again…

Christopher Smith, PGA

Featured Testimonials

In 2005, Christopher Smith set the Guinness World Record in Speedgolf by shooting an astounding 65 in 44 minutes using just six clubs. What Christopher learned in the process can be applied to anyone's golf game...in fact, his principles can be applied to dealing with challenges anywhere, anytime.


Toby LaVigne, | Founder, Vaikidoherounschool.com

Christopher is an expert in the ever-important science of learning, and is dedicated to translating science into innovative methods for teaching and learning golf. His Speedgolf project has opened the eyes of many golfers and coaches on the consequences of conscious and sub-conscious control processes on performance. His contribution to the development of the game of golf is invaluable.


Dr. Christian Marquardt, | neuroscientist specializing in the fields of medicine, sports and motor behavior research and developer of the SAM (Science and Motion) PuttLab

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