CS Golf Insight Newsletter December 2013


Yours truly heading off the 10th tee at Bandon Dunes a few weeks back at the Speedgolf World Championships.  Mickelson-esque vertical/air-time, a concerned look on my face like I may have flared the tee-shot (it was fine, actually), and a nice wear spot on the driver.  Event was a raging success.  Speedgolf literally off to the races in 2014 (!  How’d I fare you may ask?  Hit 17 of 18 greens in regulation on day 2 (finished 8th overall; the youngsters are fast and talented…) – thanks in large part to the fab equipment, garb and footwear from my peeps at Nike Golf ( – to shoot even par in about 55 minutes.  Minor altercation with a pot bunker on 17, or would have been in the 60′s…

Christopher Smith Speed Golf Champion Christopher Smith World Record Speed Golf Champion



Christopher Smith Golf

Want the secret to shooting lower scores? Play faster. Slow play doesn’t just make you want to kill the foursome in front of you. It also kills your game. Think you have to play slowly to play well? I recently shot 66 in 48 minutes, 30 seconds on the par 71, 6,500 yard Ghost Creek course at Pumpkin Ridge in Oregon with just six clubs.

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